OceanDive Animated Screensaver


The perfect screensaver for marine life enthusiasts


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If you are marine enthusiast or you simply want to have a very good screensaver featuring a 3D marine view, OceanDive Animated Screensaver is the one you need.

OceanDive Animated screensaver is a very good screensaver that sets a 3D marine underwater environment on your screen with amazing animated ocean creatures and fish, octopus, sharks, turtles, clownfishes, anemones,... you'll see them moving on your screen as if you were looking at the real ocean.

If you like underwater world and scuba diving, download OceanDive Animated screensaver and enjoy the sights of the world beneath the waves.

The free version is unlimited in time, although if you pay for the full version you&39;ll be able to move in the underwater world as if you were really diving.

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